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Chinese police academy auctioning off dogs too friendly for law enforcement



Jul 08, 2021, 10:41

On July 7, China Investigation Police University held an auction of eliminated police dogs. A buyer told reporters that 54 police dogs had been auctioned off on the spot within half a day, and the highest bid was 330,000 yuan($50,985).

On June 22, the official website of the university issued the "Announcement on the Sale of Eliminated Dogs". Each dog starts at about $30, with bids increasing by $7.70 until the auction ends. The school said buyers must sign an agreement to follow government regulations for the proper care of the canines, which the new owners will be prohibited from reselling or otherwise rehoming.

The school said the 54 dogs, most of them German Shepherds, were rejected from the police dog training program for reasons including timid personalities, physical weakness or frailty, failure to follow instructions and refusing to bite when prompted.

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